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We, at “SECURA” enjoy an enviable reputation among our Clients, built-over the past years, an asset, which we always cherish and promote with hard work, sincerity, energy and focused systematic approach.

The Company has substantial experience and expertise with the working methods, demands, problems and aspirations of the OILFIELD, GEO-TECHNICAL, GEOPHYSICAL, MARINE, PORT RELATED AND ALLIED CIVIL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES in Pakistan.

It is this primary consideration which has initiated the firm to develop a strong network in introducing the HI-TECH & STATE-OF-THE-ART Systems / Equipment / Components & Services to assist, boost and develop the existing infrastructure of Construction Industry in Pakistan.

In 2001 our Company also set-up the services within the Group to cater for the marine engineering products, equipment and services required by the Contractors, Consultants & Clients for the marine projects; may it be at the design stage, or tendering stage or at the construction stage.

SECURA GROUPS also proudly offers Pile Integrity Testing Services in Pakistan in Association with Testconsult (UK) for both Low-strain and High-strain Integrity testing of Foundation Piles as per ASTM D5882, ASTM D4945 and ASTM 6760 (please ask for our separate profile on our Foundation Testing Services).